Bullet Point Hi! My Name is Doug Ratliff
I am the president of Supreme Roofing Company. I would like to introduce you to a long-standing tradition that is built on the backs of a dedicated team of workers who believe in high standards.

Bullet PointRule No. 1 in the Roofing Business
Treat prospective customers as if they will soon be your next door neighbor. And yes, I like to look at each and every home I visit as a place that neighbors admire and families raise their children. Your home is your palace and how you invest in it is critical to maintaining it’s curb appeal and value.

Bullet PointOver 21 Years of Estimating Experience
I have learned over my 21 years of estimating that the purpose of being in a service-related business is to develop relationships with people. Whether it’s plumbing, painting, remodeling or roofing it’s all about starting new relationships that will survive many years. A solid customer base built on honesty and integrity will cultivate itself into a larger ring of satisfied clients, even in the competitive roofing industry.



"One of the most trusted roofing companies in
Los Angeles"


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